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Art Direction + Graphic Design + Illustration


For job inquires:

Mobile: +55 (11) 97169 4159
Office: +55 (11) 2365 4599
E-mail: hello [at] abiuro.com


Experimental works: abiuro.tumblr

Social: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram  Google+


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  1. Brian (19): Ok, cool. This guy does indeed have a lot of guns! I wndeor if they chafe his inner thighs great, now I’m thinking about another dude, who’s heavily armed, and what his inner thighs are like. I need a beer.My favorite part, oddly, is the way you’ve turned that rifleman insignia into a necklace. That is really cool. And I think it’s a little touch that helps turn this from potentially an eye-rolling kind of thing ( Geez, could he pack in a little more hardware?! ) to a lot more fun and interesting.I’ll be honest, the bristling-with-weapons-like-a-porcupine character model isn’t a favorite of mine, but that’s a personal preference so I’ll just set that to the side. My substantive critique would be with the face. For some reason the features look really washed out and flat, compared to the rest of the coloring. Partly it’s that he doesn’t have any hair on the sides, up from under the ball cap at the sides, making it look like his head/face is kind of exposed, and partly it’s the solid-color black eyes, and partly I think it’s that the secondary color on all the facial features is the same as the face. Another minor tweak I might make is to change the line color on all the hair elements (hair, beard, and sideburns) to a dark yellow instead of black, I think that would help lessen the washed-out effect. The black with the other pale colors is too harsh, for me at least.Again, though, love that necklace, that’s a really masterful touch!

    By: Jael
  2. Even though this is an old atlicre, I stumbled across your site while using Yahoo. This was a cool atlicre. I hope to see you remove the main point of this post and make another separate atlicre, maybe embed a video in it, too? If so, it will be greatly appreciated.

    By: Ryosuke

S/nº • Onda #19

Created by Bob Wolfenson & Hélio Hara, S/nº is a singular publication in Brazil, a hybrid of magazine and book. In this Edition Abiuro was asked to illustrate the theme Wave/Onda.

Art Direction: Edu Hirama

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  1. WtWj

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S/nº • Grande #17

Created by Bob Wolfenson & Hélio Hara, S/nº is a singular publication in Brazil, a hybrid of magazine and book. Abiuro was asked to illustrate the text “O dia em que Greta Garbo veio ao Grande Hotel” written by Joaquim Machado.

Art Direction: Edu Hirama

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  1. I’v gotten waxes down there myslef a few times,and let me just say-its not that bad.The first couple of times,its HORRIBLE.But the more you get it,the less it hurts,and the more comfortable you are with a complete stranger seeing your bizz XP

    By: Freidimar
  2. January 6, 2013 10:02 AM by VanessaRockon Hi Nu,I sure did buy 3 as I used your promo code and save 30$ a piece. Thanks to you! After the shoes and the purses, Bassbuds is my new adidction… Using one with my Blackberry as my Bluetooth is connected to my iPhone and an other one with my iPod and a spare one to match outfits. Hoping for the green ones to be in stock shortly!

    By: Susy
  3. I love you Ms. Laura.The video was just perfect, so real, pesaonrl and all about being. I like it being real. I am loving this blog journey that you and Leah are doing and it is really speaking to me and it is all of our journey. How lucky I feel.Well done for going back to school.I’m luvin you extra today,Leanne

    By: Pat
  4. The tubes are pretty easy to do or well brorow , if that’s so. Also the basic setup for the light and environment is not not too much of a deal. The badger in the hole, is to get the tubes to react to the music without touching each other. I guess it could be done with as mentioned xpresso, mograph and some dynamics. (Pretty much selfexplaning but nice to brainstorm). Sound reactor yes. Okay let’s give this a try This got me going wild!

    By: Rizwan
  5. 8 of 8 people found the flnlowiog review helpful Good Quality but shape is a step backwards from prev version, April 30, 2012Bya0 (Gretna NE) This review is from: I have used the E10LP of these headphones for a long time on numerous devices. They are a great value with solid sound quality for the cost. Are there better sure, but I am hard on them and if a pair last me 4 6 month I am happy do to physical damage that I inflict. That being said I have now purchased the new version of the E9LP and there is a feature that the new version doesn’t have that I never knew I would miss until it was gone. The E9LP are uniformed in shape while the E10LP are banana shaped. What I have found is that the old shape made it very easy to feel what the left was and what the right headphone was. You ask why this would be important, first the L and R will wear off but more importantly I use them to listen to PbyP at a lot of sporting events where I just use one side and they sit in my pocket and go in and out of my ear often. It is impossible to tell quickly by feel if you grabbed the left or right bud. Also, when listen in the dark like at night when I listen to audiobooks or music it has been useful. Again, not a feature I even though about until it was gone. No I have bought some old stock of the E10LP’s but that will only last so long. Sony, you made a mistake taking the banana shape out of the ear buds. If all you are concerned with is sound then these are fine if you know what price point you are buying at. As for the comments about the foam pads not staying on. Not an issue for me, I never use them.Help other customers find the most helpful reviewsa0Was this review helpful to you?a0 | a0

    By: Ashok
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    By: Jean

Gal Costa • Ao Vivo

Abiuro was asked to create DVD cover, package and multimedia design to Brazilian singer Gal Costa.

Commissioned by Trama Records.

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MTV • Style Guide 2013

Mtv Brazil asked Abiuro to develop a conceptual research and create a Style Guide for their licensed products which will be released next year, in 2013.

We created a book with four themes, with implementing rules and illustrations that can be used by MTV licensed products partners.

The production of this work was developed in partnership with the Arvore.



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