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  1. Great article but it didn’t have evhtnreiyg-I didn’t find the kitchen sink!

    By: Jord
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    By: Jajakulation
  3. 8 of 8 people found the fonllwiog review helpful Good Quality but shape is a step backwards from prev version, April 30, 2012Bya0 (Gretna NE) This review is from: I have used the E10LP of these headphones for a long time on numerous devices. They are a great value with solid sound quality for the cost. Are there better sure, but I am hard on them and if a pair last me 4 6 month I am happy do to physical damage that I inflict. That being said I have now purchased the new version of the E9LP and there is a feature that the new version doesn’t have that I never knew I would miss until it was gone. The E9LP are uniformed in shape while the E10LP are banana shaped. What I have found is that the old shape made it very easy to feel what the left was and what the right headphone was. You ask why this would be important, first the L and R will wear off but more importantly I use them to listen to PbyP at a lot of sporting events where I just use one side and they sit in my pocket and go in and out of my ear often. It is impossible to tell quickly by feel if you grabbed the left or right bud. Also, when listen in the dark like at night when I listen to audiobooks or music it has been useful. Again, not a feature I even though about until it was gone. No I have bought some old stock of the E10LP’s but that will only last so long. Sony, you made a mistake taking the banana shape out of the ear buds. If all you are concerned with is sound then these are fine if you know what price point you are buying at. As for the comments about the foam pads not staying on. Not an issue for me, I never use them.Help other customers find the most helpful reviewsa0Was this review helpful to you?a0 | a0

    By: Violetta
  4. To treavl alone is good but to treavl the world with somebody you love is better. Love it. It was really nice to see these pictures <3For now, I think I would love to explore Philippines not just because I've been to my dream destinations already (Tokyo and Paris) but I really believe we have so many places that are yet to be discovered. Places like paradise.

    By: Sebastian


Customic is a store that allows you to create customized case for cell phones and tablets.

Abiuro was invited together with other artists and studios to create some illustrations for the online store launch.

If you liked one of them, they’re available here: customic.com.br

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  1. Aaaaayyyy you so deserve this, well atluacly you deserve to be on the main page of the Vouge, but who knows ;) LOve all the looks, no one style the colorblocking trend better than you!

    By: Takashi
  2. Congratulations! You deserve it! I’m big fan of Moda maiazgne- one of the first and the best fashion and lifestyle maiazgnes in Bulgaria! So it’s really a big honour to be there!Best,Mila

    By: Zahoo
  3. I just discovered your blog an it is prttey darn amazing. You haircut is so bold and you look fierce. You have a new fan xxx and follower

    By: Eslam

Pense Moda

Pense Moda is an annual seminar created in 2007, based in Sao Paulo – Brazil.

The seminar gathers meetings that include national and international professionals in the areas of photography, styling, art direction, beauty, fashion journalism, new media, culture and behavior .

Abiuro created the event’s magazine for the 2010 edition.

For more information, please visit: pensemoda.com.br

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  1. You can always tell an expert! Thanks for cotbirtuning.

    By: Nah
  2. Always the best content from these prdgoiious writers.

    By: Marlos
  3. Kudos! What a neat way of thknniig about it.

    By: Syifa
  4. The name of this vodka is Vodka Tsarskaya Zolotaya translates as Emperor’s Golden Vodka or Vodka Imperial Gold. Below is some info from the mareks of this vodka:Vodka Imperial Gold is an elite brand made from the water of glacial origin from lake Ladoga near Saint Petersburg. Purest grain alcohol from durum wheat is used, as well as multiple filtration through quartz sand and birch charcoal. It also passes through filters with gold threads of 24-karat gold, enriching it with gold ions. Production ends with a unique process vodka is left to rest before bottling.

    By: Angelika

Absolut Vodka

Absolut vodka invited 12 brazilian artists and studios to develop a personalized bottle for an exhibition in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Abiuro was one of those invited.

Curated by Gringo.nu.


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  1. God, Ron, where to begin? Back in Ur, I suppose, to find out just how the Sumerians bwered, and what it was like drinking beer from a straw. I might miss out the Egyptians, and go straight to Neolithic Britain to try henbane-flavoured ale. Forward another few thousand years to sample the wheat ales bwered at the court of Cunobelinus in Camulodonum in the first century AD. Fire up the Tardis again, and call in at a Saxon alehouse, then on to Southwark around 1460 to try the newfangled “biers” being bwered by immigrants from the Low Countries. Drop in on London again about 1715 to try to find out just what “three-threads” actually was, and what other brews Londoners were drinking at the time. Hop forward another 35 years and try to contrast and compare the porters being bwered by Truman, Halsey, Calvert and Parsons. Swing over to Burton upon Trent around 1780 and sample the beers Bass, Wilson and Worthington were exporting to Russia. Back to London 15 or so years later, drop by the Bow brewery and test the beers George Hodgson was brewing for export to India. Fast-forward four months and sample the same beers in Calcutta or Bombay. Beam into Barclay Perkins about 1800 to snaffle some of the stout being bwered especially for the Russian Emperor. Whizz through Dublin in 1810 to pick up Arthur Guinness’s new extra-stout porter, then go back to London for sampling trips either side of 1819 to try London porters pre- and post-patent black malt. Return to Staffordshire around 1825 for some of the new Burton IPA, then follow that, too, out to India to see how it changed on the journey. London again around 1840 for some mild ales from Godings, Charrington and Courage. Fly over to Plzen in 1842 just in time for the first barrels of Herr Groll’s new pale lager, and ask him where he got the idea from. While we’re in central Europe, see what young Gabriel Sedlmayr is up to in Munich. London again, in 1910, and sample as many different beers, and beer styles, as possible, then jump 25 years and do the same thing again. Finally set the controls for 1955 and take a tour of the British Isles, calling in at breweries I know are going to be closing soon …

    By: Suu
  2. for the record, you cnnoat declare yourself a true wisconsinite until you keep beer on your porch and your sconnie husband should know that!although, it’s getting to be that time when you should pull it inside and put it all in the extra beer fridge in the basement. oh you don’t have one of those? in the garage fridge perhaps? no fridge there either? oh boy you gotta get that!

    By: Ayelen
  3. Now that’s the kind of running aritlce I can get my teeth into. For me, something light, but with a lot of character does the trick a nice IPA or something hoppy. Badger’s Hopping Hare was my post North Tyneside 10k tipple.Not sure you can beat a good from-the-hops home brew mind for running related brews, you can’t beat a good batch of Green Bullet hops for a light and tasty brew.

    By: Francisco
  4. At last! Someone with the insight to solve the prlembo!

    By: Mohammad
  5. Susan – I want to come out to Oklahoma so you can cook for me. I think we’ve only eaten at restaurants tgohurh our entire relationship, and it’s time for us to take this to the next level.

    By: Jeantine
  6. at least you know they are safe out there!!!! now you just need a small frig and a couch and you are living high on the hog and just think no one will btoehr you. it could be your med-eee-tation space!!

    By: Fabian

Clube da Brahma

This artwork was created for an especial event called “Clube da Brahma”, curated by RESFest.

Abiuro was invited to create an artwork to be exhibited at its launch party in Los Angeles and New York.

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  1. I will be putting this dazlzing insight to good use in no time.

    By: Jayesh
  2. I never thought I would find such an everyday topic so enighalltnr!

    By: Raj
  3. - March 14, 2012 9:26 pmI am Queen Abrique my music is on You Tube and a couple other plcaes i would like to sale some i need to know can i sell my mix tapes on Itune and what are the laws required to protect me and the owner of the music thank you.Is there someone to help me boost my music career and music my bio tells a lot about me attached to my You Tube profile Queen Abrique West Coast the official Video.

    By: Ramu
  4. So I finally deedcid I needed to buy some headphones for both talking on the phone and listing to music. I have a wireless device in my car that clips on to my visor but it really didn’t work well because I couldn’t hear who I was talking to and ended taking it off and holding it closer to my ear. The big issue for me was I needed headphones that came in various sizes because I am one of those folks with small ear canals and also can’t stand the over the ear type because the darn things get caught up in my hair upon removal. These work great! I read the reviews on some other headphones. This model has the raised section in the middle of the volume up down buttons so you can feel it without looking down very nice! I don’t use them to listen to music while I am driving but rather just have it plugged in just in case. Holding down the center button allows voice dialing so that is a big plus! The small size ear buds fit nice in my ear and don’t come loose. I keep them in my car mostly but do use them when I go to the gym. I’ve used them when I go for walks on my lunch break and they are very comfortable. I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to invest in headphones! My hands are freed up making it much easier to walk, jog, drive with. I haven’t taking the time to figure out the basic controls yet where is that darn piece of paper with those shortcuts . arrg! Anyway, it’s pretty simple but I can’t comment on how to flip through playlists on my iPhone. Pressing the center button just starts music playing. Pressing volume up/down does just that. I’m guessing hitting the center button again with change songs but it just paused it. Anyway, this is not a biggie to me because I bought these for talking on the phone during my sad drive to work every day. Hope someone can get some use out of this review. Basically, these aren’t crappy, cheap headphones and they pretty much do what they should.

    By: Open
  5. 14 of 15 people found the folnlwiog review helpful Inyer Ear, January 28, 2012Bya0 Amazon Verified Purchase() This review is from: I subscribe to a wide variety of daily and weekly podcasts and I am constantly walking around with earbuds on. I’m sure that listening to podcasts constantly instead of loud music is better for my eardrums but it is murder on the earbuds. I have probably bought more earbuds in the last five years than five people buy in a lifetime. Since I have an Apple Nano and an iPod Touch, I was buying Apple OEM and replacement earbuds. I would buy twelve or fifteen at a time. The problem was that the earbuds might last only a week before either one side or both stopped working.I bought a pair of these Sony earbuds a few days before Thanksgiving at a local discount store. It is now the end of January and the earbuds are still working like the day they came out of the store. And yes, they have been put through the wringer. I’ve snagged them on the cabinet knobs. I’ve lifted the iPod Touch by the wires. I have slept with them on. Both left and right are still working and they still sound great.The sound is better than the cheaper Chinese Apple replacements, but what really seems to set these earbuds apart is the way they are constructed. The wire connections to the earbuds and the plug seem much stronger and more durable than the Apple design.I am happy with the product. In fact, I’ve already ordered a supply of them from Amazon. I would definitely recommend this product.P.S. Music sounds great on them, too! Enjoy!Help other customers find the most helpful reviewsa0Was this review helpful to you?a0 | a0

    By: Leonardo
  6. These came with my FA SoundWave, which was a huge disappointment in itelsf. The most uncomfortable thing I have ever had in my ears. They lasted about 5 minutes into a run and I had to take them out. When I got home I tried fiddling with them to see if maybe I was doing something wrong to make them so uncomfortable and they no longer worked at all. You can save $20 by going to the hardware store and buying a couple of bolts to put in your ears.

    By: Klaus

Philips • Rock in Rio

I was asked to develop an identity for Philips headphones Rock in Rio 2011 – Limited Edition.

Comissioned by DM9DDB, as Art Director.

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