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  1. You are SUCH an inspiration! I fall into the rstenement/self-pity/despair trap all.the.time. It is such a dark and sad place to be, and I end up in a pool of self-hate because I know I’m holding myself back. I hit this emotional rock bottom place and feel hopeless, and then usually after a couple days I figure it out I need to take care of myself. It always helps. It’s like a toddler acting out b/c they are hurt, because they need something attention, love, etc. I’d love to get out of the cycle, but for now, I’m just glad to read your words. They are nourishing for me!

    By: Jussara

S/nº • Inveja #16

Created by Bob Wolfenson & Hélio Hara, S/nº is a singular publication in Brazil, a hybrid of magazine and book. Abiuro was asked to illustrate the text “Então nevou em Alhambra” written by Joaquim Machado.

Art Direction: Edu Hirama

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