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  1. Brian (19): Ok, cool. This guy does indeed have a lot of guns! I wndeor if they chafe his inner thighs great, now I’m thinking about another dude, who’s heavily armed, and what his inner thighs are like. I need a beer.My favorite part, oddly, is the way you’ve turned that rifleman insignia into a necklace. That is really cool. And I think it’s a little touch that helps turn this from potentially an eye-rolling kind of thing ( Geez, could he pack in a little more hardware?! ) to a lot more fun and interesting.I’ll be honest, the bristling-with-weapons-like-a-porcupine character model isn’t a favorite of mine, but that’s a personal preference so I’ll just set that to the side. My substantive critique would be with the face. For some reason the features look really washed out and flat, compared to the rest of the coloring. Partly it’s that he doesn’t have any hair on the sides, up from under the ball cap at the sides, making it look like his head/face is kind of exposed, and partly it’s the solid-color black eyes, and partly I think it’s that the secondary color on all the facial features is the same as the face. Another minor tweak I might make is to change the line color on all the hair elements (hair, beard, and sideburns) to a dark yellow instead of black, I think that would help lessen the washed-out effect. The black with the other pale colors is too harsh, for me at least.Again, though, love that necklace, that’s a really masterful touch!

    By: Jael
  2. Even though this is an old atlicre, I stumbled across your site while using Yahoo. This was a cool atlicre. I hope to see you remove the main point of this post and make another separate atlicre, maybe embed a video in it, too? If so, it will be greatly appreciated.

    By: Ryosuke

S/nº • Onda #19

Created by Bob Wolfenson & Hélio Hara, S/nº is a singular publication in Brazil, a hybrid of magazine and book. In this Edition Abiuro was asked to illustrate the theme Wave/Onda.

Art Direction: Edu Hirama

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