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  1. - Hi Kap! Thanks so much for the comment. I love The Glow and have ademrid it from afar for a little while. Thanks for sharing and for all the kind words. Please stay in touch.

    By: Waqas
  2. In a big field a big massive foot step of a giant it was 10 foot big as an alien alcautly it was a big giant at first every one fort it was an Elaine but they found out that it was an hoaxes of an big huge giant.All the hoaxes were found in carrfid all the people fort it eas real but it was a trick it was a funny hoax.

    By: Paijem
  3. Hey Sean ,I love your mission and I love the way you bodlly go where no therapist has ever been before: the internet xD.I have quite a few frustrations in my life that I really have nobody to share with and I believe I am not the only one.However I am not quite sure where EXACTLY should we leave comments for you to read.You have enabled comments under your videos in youtube which is where I first found this video but comments there are only limited to 512 characters — I can’t really fit my life in that . It’d be cool if you say where exactly we’re supposed to interact with you (and maybe with each other, that would be cool )As for Facebook and twitter – not everybody uses them. I don’t P.S. Not everybody on the internet is human >:)There are 12 models…They have many copies…And they have a plan.

    By: Gnana
  4. Dear SeanI am glad you have your own blog, through which we’ll have accses not only to you but, most important, your teachings/wisdom.You are too BIG and too BRIGHT to be un-noticed: you fill-in every body’s “empty-spaces” and you shine into everyone’s “path-of-life”!I read somewhere that we have two important dates we ought to celebrate every year: 1. our birthday (celebrate our coming into this world), and 2. the day we find-out why we were born- our “birthday” to real world – your “bucket-list”!Today I celebrate to have you as my “friend-tor” and thousands of others will celebrate with me too as you always fill-into our empty spaces and shine in our walks-of-life!God bless you, Sean.

    By: Trey
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    By: Sudha

Bohemia • Harmonize

I was asked to develop a hot site for Bohemia which worked as a tool to find the best harmonization between beer and food which would fit its user best.

Comissioned by Hello Interactive, as Art Director.

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