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  1. Aaaaayyyy you so deserve this, well atluacly you deserve to be on the main page of the Vouge, but who knows ;) LOve all the looks, no one style the colorblocking trend better than you!

    By: Takashi
  2. Congratulations! You deserve it! I’m big fan of Moda maiazgne- one of the first and the best fashion and lifestyle maiazgnes in Bulgaria! So it’s really a big honour to be there!Best,Mila

    By: Zahoo
  3. I just discovered your blog an it is prttey darn amazing. You haircut is so bold and you look fierce. You have a new fan xxx and follower

    By: Eslam

Pense Moda

Pense Moda is an annual seminar created in 2007, based in Sao Paulo – Brazil.

The seminar gathers meetings that include national and international professionals in the areas of photography, styling, art direction, beauty, fashion journalism, new media, culture and behavior .

Abiuro created the event’s magazine for the 2010 edition.

For more information, please visit: pensemoda.com.br

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